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Janie is a Case Manager for Foster Texas Waco.  She earned a degree in Psychology and transitioned into Case Management.  Janie started her career as a Direct Care Worker, and has worked with unaccompanied minors for 14 years at BCFS.   Prior to working with children and families, Janie was a surgical tech for 17 years.  It is clear to see that Janie enjoys helping others! 


Janie is a mother of 4 beautiful grown ladies, Grandmother to 4 grandchildren and 3 step grandchildren. They are her purpose.  Janie views spending time with her family as an opportunity to strengthen her heart and make it whole again. 


Janie feels that she has been blessed to work at Foster Texas. She has had experience with unaccompanied minors but has learned a great deal about foster care over the past year.  Janie believes that moving to Waco has been a great opportunity and a chance to learn and grow!

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