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Michelle is a Case Manager for Foster Texas El Paso.  

She graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work.  Michelle's entire career has been involved in working in foster care and adoption in one aspect or another.​  She has always known she wanted to work with children. Michelle wanted become an educator, but upon working for a private adoption agency in El Paso, she immediately knew she wanted to become a social worker.  

Michelle has a passion for humanity, especially for those whose voices are not heard, and for those needing someone to protect and comfort them.

Foster care and Adoption hold a special place in Michelle's heart.  Throughout her career Michelle has removed children from their homes, placed children in temporary homes, witnessed children being adopted, held the hand of young adults aging out of foster care, and celebrated young adults aging out of foster care graduating from high school and college.  Michelle feels blessed to be part of the foster care and adoption world, knowing that she makes a difference in the lives of children!

Fun Fact:  Michelle is adopted and she is also an adoptive parent!  Michelle did not know her biological mother while she was growing up and she thought she would never get to meet her.  Micelle is  happy to report that she met her biological mother a few years ago and they continue to communicate and work on relationship building.  Michelle loves cooking, baking, gardening, decorating, coloring, reading, and creating arts & crafts!

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