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Al is the Director of Adoption at Foster Texas. He is a licensed Child Placing Administrator. He started his professional career in adoption in 1994 with Child Protective Services and has served as a senior administrator in the field of adoption since 2002. As an adoption professional and administrator, Al has been involved in helping over 1000 children in Texas leave foster care by way of adoption. In early 2022, Al began developing a Kinship Adoption Program and coordinating kinship adoptions. It was a familiar endeavor in that he had worked with kinship adoptions during his time at CPS. 2022 has been a refreshing year for Al, focusing on Kinship adoptions saying, “It’s wonderful helping children find permanency in their extended family. The children seem to feel most comfortable being adopted by their own extended family.” At Foster Texas, Al is supporting foster parent adoption, matched adoption and kinship adoptions.   

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