The Goal of Foster Care

is to provide a safe and nurturing home and environment for as long as is necessary. Whether the goal is to return home safely, live with kin, find a foster family, move into a permanent family through adoption, or make the transition into independent living, Foster Texas is licensed to facilitate.

Foster Parenting

Foster Texas is licensed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to verify foster-adopt homes in order to place children who have been removed from their families by the Department because of abuse and neglect. The fostering time frame can be as short as a few days to one year (or perhaps more), depending on the progress toward the permanent outcome.

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Kinship Foster Care

Kinship foster care is a very viable option for children who have been removed from their biological home if children cannot be returned to their family of origin safely. Kinship foster families are relatives (or have a relationship like a relative) of the child being removed. The requirements for Kinship families’ verification are the same as the requirements for therapeutic foster families.

Foster to Adopt

When a child (or sibling group) can’t return home safely and the foster family or other family desires to adopt and the child(ren) desire(s) to be adopted, Foster Texas is authorized to help families move through the adoption process.

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Permanent Foster Care
& Transition to Independent Living

Sometimes, because of special needs, age of the child, and/or other mitigating factors, finding a permanent family for a child may not be realized.  In this event a foster family may commit to help the child develop skills and relationships to transition into adulthood with the responsibilities that accompany that outcome.  Fortunately, if the young adult is gainfully employed and/or is actively enrolled in continuing education, Foster Texas can continue to provide support to the foster family that has made the commitment until the 22nd birthday of the young adult.

Community-Based Care & Services

Appropriate supports, selected from a vast number of community services, are desperately needed for helping children and families in crisis, including but certainly not limited to the following: drug and alcohol rehab, counseling, psychiatric, psychological, residential, hospital, crisis hotlines, employment, educational, etc.  These support services may be provided directly by Foster Texas or subcontracted through community provisions.

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Additional Foster  Texas Programs


short term foster care lasting up to 2 weeks for support of foster families and children in care


temporary care lasting up to 30 days for children in crisis


short term placement for immigrant or refugee children until placement with family or kin can be attained