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Are Foster Parents Allowed to Work Full-Time?

Yes, they can work full-time while fostering, but there’s a lot more to it than just leaving your foster child with a babysitter, daycare center or even a preschool. Whoever your foster child is going to spend the days with will have to be approved through your agencies. The agency should have a list of pre-approved caregivers who have already passed background checks and are prepared to take care of your child while you are at work.

Foster Parents Can Work Full-Time - Foster Texas - Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco TX
Working full-time is an option for foster parents, but you have to plan carefully.

When it comes to balancing parenting and a career, there are many considerations, in the same way it is for parents with biological children. You need to have a definite plan, preferably in writing, of how you will manage to attend the meetings and appointments, both with and on behalf of your foster child. This plan will need to be approved by your social worker.

Another plan you need is how you will rearrange your schedule should the child become sick at daycare or school. How will you handle school holidays? Besides the doctor’s visits, meetings, and social workers visits in your schedule, you may need to also include visits with your foster child’s biological parents, and then there is also the court dates.

Besides having to rearrange your schedule, you need to know that the less time you spend with your foster child the longer it will take for you both to bond with each other. Another option that you have is to volunteer for short-term care for a weekend, or maybe a few days, until a longer-term home is found for the child.

Whether your choice is to stay at home, work full-time, foster full-time or do relief care, your love and supervision are much needed in the foster care system. To find out which option will best suit you, talk to us at Foster Texas.

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