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Foster Care and Adoption Myths

Children who grow up without a safe home and a loving family are more prone to long term effects. Though many foster care children may face some of these, there are also many misunderstandings about foster care and adoption. Here are some myths and truths.

MYTH: Most foster care children have many placements

FACT: In actual fact most foster care children average around three placements. There are numerous reasons for children being placed in different foster homes including:

  • Where the child’s biological parents are located

  • The child reunites with his or her siblings

  • The foster parents can no longer take care of the child

MYTH: Most foster care children are teenagers

FACT: Most of the children in foster care (in fact 62%), are under 10 years old, and only 38% of foster children are teenagers.

MYTH: Foster parents have no control over which children they foster

FACT: Even though you will not be able to choose a specific child, you are able to state your preference in age and gender. You can also call the social worker at any time if you feel you are no longer able to take care of the child you have been placed with.

MYTH: If I have a full-time job, I cannot foster

FACT: You are not required to be a stay at home parent to be able to foster a child, but you will be responsible for the expense if the child requires day care.

MYTH: Adopting the children I foster is not allowed

FACT: Of the children who enter foster care, more than half return to their biological families, but the rest of them cannot return home. Thousands of foster children were adopted last year with more than 50% of them being adopted by their foster parents.

MYTH: It costs too much to adopt

FACT: In order to adopt, you are not required to be wealthy, or own your own home and most foster care adoptions are free. If there are any minimal costs involved, they are often refundable.

MYTH: Adopting a child takes too long

FACT: From when you first contact an agency until a child is placed with you takes approximately a year, depending on the State you live in and the agency you are working with.

MYTH: Only people who are perfect can adopt a child from foster care

FACT: Adopting a child from foster care does not require that you be perfect. Being part of your family would make any foster care child happy. A foster care child longs for the miracle of adoption, and you can make that miracle happen.

If you're in the Waco, Austin, Dallas, or Fort Worth areas and you are considering foster care or adoption, give Foster Texas a call today! We really look forward to hearing from you.

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