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Christmas Time for Foster Children

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Christmas time is an exciting time for most young children, however for some foster children it can be a sad or depressing time when they think of how they have been separated from their families, or even the trauma or bad memories of the holidays. As families get together to celebrate Christmas, this is the best time to make foster children to feel welcome, special, safe and loved.

Foster families and those of us supporting foster families this Christmas, should keep the following thoughts in mind.

  • Remember every child will have different ideas and memories and will have celebrated Christmas in different ways. Some children may have never been told about Christmas. You can make or break the holidays depending on how you handle each child’s circumstances.

  • As foster parents, accepting that some children have had bad experiences at Christmas is important, and perhaps they may need a quieter celebration. To help them feel comfortable and understand the true meaning of Christmas, read them books and take time to answer any questions they may have.

  • It can be overwhelming for a child who has been in foster care for only a short time, to wake up on Christmas morning, to a family laughing together, sharing happy memories and loving each other. The children can be reminded of that they are not with their biological families and they may also feel that they are being disloyal to their own families if they enjoy Christmas with you.

  • To make them feel more comfortable, talk to your child about their Christmas traditions and work together to combine their traditions with yours. Perhaps they open Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve not Christmas Day. How about spending time together cooking one of their favorite Christmas meals?

During this season these children need us to show them the same love, understanding and mercy that we celebrate in Christmas. Make the light of Christmas shine by seeking to save these lost ones. Contact us if you'd like to get started.

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