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Common Questions Asked About Foster Care

It really is a life-changing decision to become a foster parent and deciding whether you are ready to open up your heart and home to children who have experienced hurt and trauma, is no doubt filling your mind with unanswered questions. We, at Foster Texas, are here to help you deal with any uncertainties you may have. So feel free to ask whatever comes to mind.

We have provided answers to some of the common questions asked by people who are new to the foster care system.

Why Are Children in Foster Care?

Questions about Foster Care - Foster Texas
Have questions about foster parenting and foster care? Foster Texas has answers.

Basically, children enter the foster care system due to severe turmoil that they or their families are experiencing. Circumstances that make it unsafe for a child to remain with their families may include physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment, or the parent may be incarcerated. In these circumstances it is unsafe for the child to remain in their biological home.

How Do Children Get into Foster Care?

Generally children are brought to the attention of the child welfare system through a report of abuse or neglect. The allegations are investigated by social workers and if they find it is not safe for the child to stay at home, the agency must get approval from a judge to remove them to a safe place. If it is found that the children are in immediate danger, Child Protection Services are notified straight away, and they try to find another location with relatives. Should it happen that no suitable relative is able to take the child in then they investigate available foster homes.

How Long Does a Child Usually Stay in Foster Care?

The length of stay differs with each family and depends on the child’s needs, the child’s family situation, as well as your family’s aims and capabilities. On average a stay could be six months to one year. There is a possibility that a child’s stay in your home could extend from one year to quite a lot longer. Foster Care is always meant to be temporary until the child is able to be reunited with their biological family or adopted.

How Long Will It Take to Become Certified and for a Child to Be Placed in My Home?

The average is 90 days, but this can vary. During this time careful consideration is given to the child’s needs and a foster family’s strengths. If you are prepared to care for a wider age range of children, (particularly from 10 to 18 years old), a sibling group of three or more children, or children with disabilities or special needs, the process may be accelerated.

When you foster through Foster Texas you are joining a team of people committed to helping children succeed. You will not be alone raising the child you welcome into your home, because Foster Texas has a team of dedicated, knowledgeable caseworkers to help you each step of the way. We work with families throughout Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco, TX. Contact us to get started.

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