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Texas Requirements for Being a Foster Parent

It is really worth the effort to become a foster parent even though it is not an easy decision. If you are contemplating foster parenting, here are the Texas requirements to help you begin the process.

You must be able to meet these requirements to qualify for a Foster Parent License.

  • Must be at least 21 years, financially stable and responsible.

  • Be single or married. Married couples must have been married for at least two years.

  • Physically and emotionally healthy.

  • Agree to a criminal history background check on all adults 14 and older who live in or visit regularly.

  • Complete a foster care application which will include an FBI check for all adult members of the household. Also provide relative and non-relative references.

  • Allow a home study which will include visits with all household members and inspection of all parts of your home, grounds and outbuildings.

  • Attend 50 hours of free foster parenting training to learn about issues of abused and neglected children. You will also receive tools to help you be the best foster parent. Further, training will help assess if foster parenting is right for you, as well as identify what strengths you can offer in a foster parenting relationship.

  • Be certified in First Aid and CPR.

Foster Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide a nurturing and caring environment for all the children in your care.

  • Be a supporter for your foster child in schools and the community.

  • Keep caseworkers updated of any serious illnesses, injuries, or occurrences, as well as changes in the house, school or community which can affect the foster children and the biological children in the house.

  • Work with the caseworkers as a team to make a reality of uniting of the foster child with their birth family.

  • Be a positive role model for the foster child and biological family.

  • Teach valuable life skills.

One of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever do is to be a foster parent. This will be your opportunity to be a life changer. If you are in Waco, Austin, or the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact us at Foster Texas and we will help you through the whole process.

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