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Potential Single Foster Parents Have 3 Common Questions

Many single people would like to become foster parents but are just not sure if it is possible. To begin with, this is absolutely allowed in most states in the United States. Specifically in the State of Texas, as long as you meet all of the requirements you are allowed to be a single parent. Potential single foster parents often have these three common questions.

1. Is the Application Process Different for Single Foster Parents?

Both single and married foster parents must meet the basic requirements and complete the process. The minimum age is 21 years old. You must provide proof of income, have a working vehicle, have a working phone, submit fingerprints, complete the house assessment, and be in good physical and mental health. Prove all of this, as well as all the training, and you will be on the right track to becoming a single foster parent.

2. Can I Still Have A Full Time Job?

You can still be a single parent even if you work full time on condition that, while you are working, you are able to provide care for the child. This will need to be an approved day care agency or family member who meets the requirements and has undergone the training. In this way you will be able to work to make the income you need and still be a foster parent at the same time.

3. Do I Need a Set Amount of Money Each Month?

There is no set amount of money that you need each month, but you do need to be able to support yourself fully before taking in a foster child. The foster child will then come into a stable home, creating the best environment possible for both you and the child.

To find out more about becoming a single foster parent, contact us at Foster Texas.

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